Managing Bukkulla Regional Park


Bukkulla has been gazetted as a Regional Park under the Queensland Nature Conservation Act, with the Wildlife Land Fund as its sole trustee.

Conservation Values of Bukkulla

Bukkulla Park includes semi-evergreen vine thickets, open forests and woodlands.

Currently there is little disturbance within the semi-evergreen vine thickets. Selective but minor clearing and logging has taken place. There is a mining lease on the Reserve and some quarrying material has been removed. Cattle graze grassy areas. However they do not have access to the semi-evergreen vine thicket and the stocking rate is low.

Bukkulla Reserve offers excellent opportunities for scientific research. Little is known of the characteristic of the land systems, the taxonomy and ecology of many of the plant and animal species. Thus there is a possibiltiy to develop monitoring techniques, evaluate human impact, the sustainability of cattle grazing and develop appropriate means to manage and conserve some of central Queensland's remnant bushland.

Management Intents

Bukkulla Regional Park is managed to care for and conserve rare and threatened regional ecosystems and species.

In time these Management Intents will become the Bukkulla Park Management Plan.

The Wildlife Land Fund, assisted by the Director WPSQ, a part-time site manager, Bukkulla Nature Reserve Management Committee and Scientific Committee, will implement the management plan.

Assistance will be sought from State government agencies, local government and local community groups. Volunteers will undertake much of the work with some specific tasks such as fencing, pest control and evaluation of progress will be undertaken by consultants.

The proposed Management Plan will ensure that:

  • significant plant species, animal species and regional ecosystems are protected;
  • long term programs of scientific research and environmental monitoring are undertaken;
  • fire, feral animal and weed management strategies are developed to maintain the natural species diversity;
  • the Livingstone Shire, government agencies, local organisations and community members are consulted;
  • volunteers and selected public groups visit the Reserve safely without compromising its natural integrity;
  • volunteers will be involved in:
    - management projects;
    - monitoring and evaluating;
    - developing training programs;
    - preparing educational material and activities for selected public visitors;
    - seeking funds to support management programs.

Management strategies

Bukkulla Regional Park is divided for management purposes into two zones.

Zone 1 is a small area (close to the point of access) set aside for:

  • vehicle and cattle access;
  • volunteer and visitor vehicle parking;
  • equipment and plant storage;
  • plant nursery;
  • volunteer and visitor accommodation.

This zone provides basic facilities for the management of the Reserve. The major priority in this zone is protecting conservation values, but modification of the natural environment for volunteer and visitor use will occur.

The facilities in Zone 1 (which will be fenced off from the rest of the Reserve i.e. Zone 2) will include:

  • volunteer and visitor car park
  • lock-up storage shed
  • covered area for campers
  • water tanks and toilet
  • nursery site
  • gates into main part of the Reserve.

The Zone 1 Management Plan includes:

  • an access policy nominating the optimum number of day visitors or camp at any one time;
  • plans for monitoring and identifying impacts;
  • recommendations and priorities for rehabilitation activities;
  • plans for the maintenance and future developments of facilities within Zone 1;
  • a program of prescribed burns; fencing, control of feral plants and animals and rehabilitation.

Zone 2 takes in all areas of the Reserve lying outside Zone 1 and is managed to protect and maintain natural values.

The Bukkulla Park Management Plan includes policies, guidelines and actions for the conservation of regional ecosystems and plant and animal species.