The Wildlife Land Fund Limited (WLFL) is based in Queensland, Australia. It is the state's leading community organisation involved in acquiring and managing land with high nature conservation values.

WLFL was set up in 2001 by the Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland (WPSQ) to acquire a block of land in central Queensland (now known as Bukkulla Regional Park) with important biodiversity and environmental values.

WLFL's vision is to contribute to an ecologically sustainable future for people and wildlife by conserving Queensland's natural environment.

The principal means of achieving WLFL's vision are:
  • to acquire or bring about the acquisition of land with significant conservation and natural heritage values; and
  • to protect and enhance those values through wise and ecologically sustainable management.

  • WLFL complements the work of other organisations by focussing on a network of smaller land parcels, generally of less than 2000 hectares. We believe that we need to act to protect land with important conservation values as Governments alone cannot do this.

    We now have four properties under management: Bukkulla Regional Park, Witta Nature Refuge, Reesville Nature Refuge and Rosedale Nature Reserve.

    WLFL is a not-for-profit public company directed by a board consisting of a chairperson, treasurer, secretary and 4 members. Directors act in a voluntary capacity. As a public company, WLFL is required to have at least 50 members.

    Members elect the board and are able to participate in setting the directions for the company as well as participating in activities such as working parties, information gathering and field surveys, site inspections and planning for property management.

    To become a member of WLFL, please inquire through the Contact Page. There is a joining fee of $5 and membership costs $20 annually. Donations to the Wildlife Nature Reserve Fund are also welcome!

    To find out more about recent activities of WLFL, read our latest WLFL Newsletter "LandLines".

    To support our activities, the Wildlife Land Fund relies on voluntary contributions from its members and from the general public. Donations assist the fund to acquire and manage significant small parcels of land in Queensland.

    WLFL is registered as an Environmental Organisation with the Commonwealth Government. This means that donations to WLFL's Public Fund (the Wildlife Nature Reserve Fund) are tax deductible. Please donate now to help with WLFL's practical, ongound conservation work in Queensland!

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