Reesville panorama

Reesville Nature Refuge


The Neil Holloway Nature Refuge is a freehold block located near Maleny in south east Queensland. It is named after Mr Neil Holloway who donated the land to WLFL.

The reserve consists of about 15 hectares of well vegetated land and is approximately 10 km south of the Witta Reserve.

It supports various closed forests with Sydney blue gum forest on the ridges. A continuously flowing stream runs through the reserve and this maintains the diversity of habitats. Up to five koalas have been seen on the block.

The land contains three regionally endangered ecosystems (the main one is Sydney blue gum with rainforest understorey). A noted rainforest botanist has helped WLFL with a flora survey of the block.

The Refuge supports a mosaic of vegetation. Complex notophyll vine forest occurs on Cainozoic igneous rocks. Simple notophyll vine forest (often with abundant Archontophoenix cunninghamiana (Bunya pine) emerging) is found frequently in the gullies and protected slopes on metamorphics with or without interbedded volcanics.

The more exposed slopes support eucalypt tall open forest with various species predominant depending on aspect and other environmental factors. Species include Eucalyptus saligna (Sydney Blue gum), E. microcorys (Tallowood), E. acmenoides (White mahogany) and Lophostemon confertus (Scrub box). The tall open forest has been disturbed in places and is a reflection of former use.

The land is home to a range of flora and fauna such as the koala, Richmond Birdwing Butterfly, cascade treefrog, tusked frog and the grey goshawk.

Apart from some weed problems, the land is in good condition and rehabilitation efforts are underway.. The main weeds are broad leaved privet and lantana and these will require early action and ongoing treatment.

The reserve has a management plan and weed control plan which guides working parties and contracted work on the reserve.