Our Corporate Plan embraces the next three years and is updated annually to better reflect our aspirations. Similarly our priorities are reconsidered annually.

Most of our resources are committed to achieving our priorities and meeting our objectives. Many of our activities are dictated by contractual arrangements (for example, the conditions set by the Natural Heritage Trust grant which helped to fund the bulk of the Bukkulla purchase).

Priority activities for WLFL are:

  • acquisition of land with significant natural heritage values
  • management of those lands to protect and enhance the conservation values
  • development of appropriate models for the protection of endangered communities and species in harmony with grazing and primary industries
  • raising funds to help us achieve our objectives
  • development and implementation of strategies to foster business and community involvement in assisting in the achievement of our objectives
  • The directors of WLFL (currently there are seven directors) meet approximately quarterly to advance the interests of the organisation and to plan particular activities on the properties (such as fencing, removal of weeds, scientific surveys, planting of particular habitat plants and planning).

Members of WLFL are able to take part in the company’s work by participating in working parties at the Reserves, contributing to flora and fauna surveys and helping to control weeds on the properties.