WLFL currently owns or is the sole trustee of three properties in Queensland. These are the Bukkulla Conservation Park, the Witta Nature Refuge and the Neil Holloway Reesville Nature Refuge.

Bukkulla Conservation Park

The Bukkulla property is coastal central Queensland near the town of Marlborough, approximately 90 kilometres North West of Rockhampton on the Bruce Highway.

Bukkulla Conservation Park covers 1813 hectares and abuts the Pine Mountain State Forest. Together, the state forest and the Conservation Park make an important contribution in this region where little of the area’s natural heritage is protected.


Witta Nature Refuge

The Witta Conservation Reserve is located on the Maleny-Kenilworth Rd, Witta in the Sunshine Coast hinterland, Southeast Queensland. The total property area is 7.3 hectares. The reserve consists of a mosaic of remnant rainforest, rainforest regrowth areas, tall open forest and modified, neglected pasture areas. Nature conservation is the major land use. In the landscape context the property lies on the northern edge of a larger tract of privately owned vegetation that extend south to Reesville. These properties collectively form part of the headwaters of Elaman creek and support a regionally significant Koala population. The broader landscape is a mosaic of cleared pasture, remnant and regrowth forest areas.

Regional ecosystem (RE) mapping undertaken by the state government for the south-east.

Queensland bioregion classifies approximately two-thirds of the property as remnant vegetation. Five RE’s are mapped on the property, this represents a significant diversity of forest types in such a relatively small area. These are; 12.8.3, 12.12.1/16, 12.8.8, 12.12.12, 12.12.15a.


The Neil Holloway Reesville Nature Refuge

The Neil Holloway Reesville Nature Refuge is located off Watson Lane, Reesville in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, Southeast Queensland. The total property area is 13.44 hectares and covers the junction of 3 small steep valleys carrying permanent streams that become the headwaters of Elamon Creek, a tributary of the Mary River.

The area supports a mosaic of predominantly closed forests with limited areas of tall to very tall open forests. Complex notophyll rainforest (Regional Ecosystem (RE) 12.8.3) is prevalent. This very distinctive forest is dominated by bunya pine (Araucaria bidwillii), brush box (Lophostemon confertus) and blue quandong (Elaeocarpus grandis).


Weranga Scarps Nature Reserve

The Weranga Scarps Nature Reserve is located approximately 70km Southwest of Dalby, in the Western Downs of Queensland. The land area is 30 hectares and of high biodiversity and conservation value.

The area supports a complexity of vegetation communities and abundant wildlife, including the glossy black-cockatoo, yakka skink, golden-tailed gecko, and koala. Various eucalyptus and angophoras predominate the different forests and woodlands with shrubby and or grassy understoreys. Acacias and she-oaks are conspicuous in certain ecosystems. Dense calytrix heathlands occur on ephemeral wet areas.